District Administrative Office
Architecture: Auer+Weber+Assoziierte, Stuttgart
Electrical planning: Schlaefle Neher Butz, Konstanz
Electrical installation: Renz Sicherheitstechnik, Pfullingen

The new District Administrative Office with two lengthways building volumes of different heights, a glass hallway, assembly room, roof terrace and cafeteria is a successful symbiosis of practicality and aspirational design.
In the entrance area and foyer, visitors are welcomed and guided to their required destination. PC-based communication terminals not only provide a selective link to departments and individuals, they also provide information.
The entire building is comprehensively networked and centrally controlled. The door stations and terminals mounted flush in the wall panelling are integrated into the in-house network and linked to the telephone system.
Colours and materials provide an aid to orientation, with important central service and technology areas, staircases and elevator systems clearly marked by vertically structured alternating red wall panelling.
With flush mounting and individual paintwork finish in precise colour shades, Siedle Steel blends ideally into the architects vision for the building.
The glass-dominated District Administrative Office building is symbolic in character. It is intended to provide a welcoming aspect and to represent an administration which attaches importance to transparency and proximity to the townspeople.
The Steel door stations mounted framelessly into the glass help underpin the impressive impact of the large glazed surfaces.
Free-standing pedestals from the Siedle Vario range in the car park: The approach driveways are integrated into the communication and access control concept.
Flush installation
Glass mounting
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