Brauhaus at the Empire Riverside Hotel
Location: Hamburg

Architecture: David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin
Electrical planning: d/b/n Dröge Baade Nagaraj, Salzgitter
Electrical installation: Imtech Deutschland, Hamburg

When the Berlin-based David Chipperfield architectural bureau approached Siedle with an enquiry about the use of a special material, there was some doubt whether it would be possible to implement this unusual request.
The site of the former Bavaria brewery in the heart of Hamburg, is home to the Empire Riverside Hotel complex masterminded by the Chipperfield team of architects. The complex encompasses a separate retail and office building by the name of "Brauhaus", and was designed to create a link between two diverging urban districts.

A focal element which was central to the success of this urban dialogue was the choice of materials used in the facade: "Tombak CuZn15 bright rolled", an alloy whose distinctive bloom blends perfectly into the characteristic copper and red brick of the urban landscape.
The aim was to use this limited, specially produced material also as the surface finish for the door station of the Brauhaus. For the Steel production experts, precise processing of the Tombak material was a challenge. The result is an outstanding example of the amazing individualization capability of the Siedle Steel system.
Design line Siedle Steel
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