Hamburg Police Station
Location: Hamburg

Architecture: BRT Architekten, Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg
Electrical planning: s + i Planung, Hamburg
Electrical installation: Bosch Telecom, Hamburg

The bold design from BRT makes an immediate impression, not just due to its aesthetic quality. Hamburg's main police station is a public building frequented every day by around 1,200 police officers, 600 administrative staff, 150 visitors, 40 suppliers and 1,200 vehicles. This type of building cannot just be out to make an impression, first and foremost it has to function.
The same applies to the building communication. The architectural bureau Bothe Richter Teherani has a reputation for paying meticulous attention to detail in their projects. The consequence is that the strict and often security-relevant conditions imposed on public buildings are supplemented by equally stringent demands by the architects.
Call buttons have to also be reachable by wheelchair users, the access to different storeys and rooms must be capable of management using a card reading system and numerical codes, and some are fitted with camera surveillance.
> Standards

32 communication systems control access to storeys and rooms. With different equipment features, but always featuring the same design.
A case for Siedle Vario, which guarantees flexible application of sophisticated technology with a characteristic standardized appearance at every entrance through to the garage drive-in.
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