Chamber of Architecture Baden-Württemberg
Location: Stuttgart

Architecture: Michael Weindel und Junior Architekten, Waldbronn
Electrical installation: Metall Werkstatt Stimpfig, Stuttgart und Elektro Berg, Olgaeck

The basic cuboid and cylindrical building blocks which characterize the overall architectural concept of Stuttgart's Haus der Architekten are reflected in the design of the entrance area with its two wings and central reception area.
While the flush-mounted installations of the ancillary buildings revisit the proportions of the door and the material accentuation of the handle, the free-standing pedestal placed at the main entrance creates a deliberate formal contrast.
By placing them subtly to one side, they fulfil their informative and signage function without detracting from the prominence of the double cylinder or the transparency of the glass facade.
When choosing the materials for the door communication system, architect Michael Weindel decided to opt for stainless steel at all entrances.
At the main entrance, integrated surface area lighting sheds just the right light on the sandblasted inscription. All the buttons are backlit, and an access control system from the company Interflex is integrated at one of the side entrances.
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