IFM media analyses
Location: Karlsruhe

Architecture: Antje M. Abel, Karlsruhe
Electrical installation: Pittroff Elektro, Karlsruhe

Two affiliated companies make joint and equal use of this clearly structured office building. The dual use is reflected in the consistently symmetrical building concept, from the basic design right down to the details. Door communication, for instance, is divided at the main entrance into two identical systems each with their own letterbox and access control.
The secondary entrances are also accommodated in strict symmetry in the concrete side elements which join the flat roof to create the basic framework of the building.
Between the two side elements, the east-west facing facades are glazed completely to room height and set back from the building line. All components are sharp edged, leaving the concrete exposed with a light glaze finish both inside and out.
The design dispenses completely with any colour, and the selection of materials ranges on a scale of black to white.
Both Siedle Steel, which places a prestigious focus on the main entrance, and Siedle Vario at the side entrances blend ideally into the no-nonsense architectural concept.
This concept permitted a distinction to be made in value terms without the need to compromise the design.
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