Certified for Siedle – the predicate for third-party devices

We do not develop all devices ourselves. Sometimes we work together with specialists who have extraordinary expertise in the relevant area. We do not relinquish control of the proverbial Siedle quality: we put every external device through its paces just as much as devices that we develop ourselves. Only when it meets our strict standards does it receive the rating Certified for Siedle Secure.


Certified for Siedle an overview

Certified for Siedle is a process with strict tests. The complex process ensures that the tested devices meet our requirements for functional safety, resilience and durability.

Siedle: Meister des guten Klangs

The tests in the Siedle EMC laboratory

First and foremost is testing in our own EMC laboratory for CE-compliant electromagnetic compatibility. Here it is checked whether the third-party device is disturbed by radiation from other devices or whether it itself disturbs others.

More about Siedle's EMC laboratory
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The storage and transport simulations

The temperatures used to simulate possible storage conditions vary between minus 25 and plus 70 degrees Celsius. Drop tests from a height of up to 1.20 meters or vibration tests with oscillations of up to 512 Hertz simulate the roughest transport conditions.

Siedle Klima-/Regentest

Climate tests

Climate tests determine whether and to what extent, for example, salt spray, condensation or rainwater affect the surfaces and coating of the device. These tests are also carried out during operation.

Siedle CE-Norm

Warranty, guarantee and CE marking

Even if a product that we want to award Certified for Siedle already bears a CE mark, we carry out all the tests. With regard to warranty and guarantee, we make valid agreements with the manufacturer.