Siedle designs transitions

Between the inside and outside, private and public, mobile and at home, security and accessibility, complex and simple, digital and analogue.


What defines us

The traditional family company manufactures everything that serves the communication in and around the house - for more than a quarter of a millennium in the same location, in uncompromising quality and award-winning design.

Siedle production

Quality and sustainability

A system from Siedle is a secure investment. This is ensured by our focus on value preservation and sustainability. We develop our systems to make sure they are durable. When developing new products, we place special importance on backwards compatibility and ability to be updated in the future. After all, the most sustainable products are those that are produced carefully, last a long time, can be upgraded or enhanced and even repaired if necessary.

Siedle one of the leading manufacturers of door intercom systems

Who we are

Siedle is one of the leading manufacturers of door intercom systems and building communication technology throughout Germany and Europe. In its long history, the traditional family company has reinvented itself again and again. From the part-time foundry to electrical engineering and high-tech manufacturers, Siedle has always been a pioneer and innovator - and has remained true to its values.