Harkotten Castle
Location: Sassenberg

Architecture: sieger design, Sassenberg
Electrical installation: Tönne Hülsmann, Füchtorf

The impressive condition of this water palace in Westphalia is due to the convergence of two outstanding talents: a baroque master builder and a contemporary designer: The building, erected in the 18th Century, was refurbished, renovated and occupied a good 200 years later by one of Germany's most renowned designers.
The owner, architect and planner is Dieter Sieger, founder and shareholder of the design agency sieger design. Following completion of the renovation work, the agency was able to move into a truly fitting new home.
Sieger had the two stainless steel pedestals on the drive and at the entrance painted black, and he also had his own ideas when it came to their installation: The video cameras feed their pictures into the client's own existing surveillance system, and instead of the customary in-house telephones, the telephone system takes care of the speech connection to the entrance.
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