Siedle Steel
The high-end Siedle Steel system is renowned for its clear-cut, elegant styling. Its characteristic features include invisible fixture, completely smooth surfaces in solid metal and outstanding precision of every edge and cut-out.
Steel systems are individually planned and configured as one-off bespoke units. Their functionality is as variable as their design.
Configuration examples
As part of the mounting level, the camera operates through a cut-out in the solid operating level. It is adjustable in order to allow for different mounting situations.

Door station with colour camera, speech unit and solid engraved call button; Operating level: Burnished brass, mounting level: Blue micaceous iron ore finish
The same door station in a different design.
Operating level: Chrome-plate stainless steel, mounting level: Anthracite micaceous iron ore paintwork finish
Functional extension to include a solid house number and a digital call display which presents the occupants alphabetically sorted in a list. A call display eliminates the need for long rows of bells in large-scale residential complexes.
The free-standing pedestals place all the required functions at the ergonomically optimum height: The movement sensor acts as a sentry at the top, the camera looks visitors in the face, the spotlight illuminates the code lock keypad and the call button, which are both positioned at just the fingertip height.
Design line Siedle Steel
Material options
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