Bus video modulator for external cameras
More flexibility, easy installation in control cabinets and greater range: the new system product for integrating freely positionable door or surveillance cameras in the In-Home bus offers decisive advantages.
With the new bus video modulator, an external camera with analogue video signal can be integrated as a door camera: when there is a door call, its image is automatically shown on the indoor station. Alternatively (or with an extra BVM, in addition), an external camera can be specifically selected via the indoor station and thereby used as a surveillance camera.
Thanks to its flexibility, the bus video modulator replaces three devices. The 3-grid housing ensures easy installation in switch boxes. What is more, the system product guarantees considerably better performance in comparison to its predecessors – the range from the interface to the camera has increased from 10 to up to 100 metres.
The bus video modulator is suitable for retrofitting cameras in audio door stations and extending existing video systems. If, for example, an additional pick-up angle needs to be viewed, that the door station cannot capture itself (side entrance or courtyard entrance), then external cameras are often the best solution as they can be positioned as desired.
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