Siedle Basic video set
The Video set is the simplest, most cost-effective way of achieving Siedle-quality video surveillance.
Scope of delivery
The Siedle Basic video set is available for one or two residential units. It consists of a compact surface-mounted door station, the supply devices and video indoor stations from the Siedle Basic design line.

Upgrade capability
The video set is based on the In-Home bus. Additional door and indoor stations can be added to the set. It can also be connected to a landline telephone via the DoorCom interface.

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Door station
The compact housing measuring just 25 mm in depth offers space for a high-grade adjustable colour video camera. Thanks to integrated lighting, it supplies clear, focused images even in darkness. The camera can be manually operated at any time, and is automatically activated by a bell signal. The call buttons are backlit by white LEDs, the nameplates are available from the front.
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