Axis high-rise residential building
Location: Frankfurt am Main

Architecture: Meixner Schlüter Wendt architects, Frankfurt am Main
Electrical planning: PGT Planungsgruppe, Schaafheim, Germany
Electrical installation: Hela Elektroinstallations- und -handels GmbH, Halle, Germany

The appeal of the Axis high-rise residential building in Frankfurt am Main lies in its innovative mix of residential types and sophisticated façade design. The entire building is equipped with door communication systems from Siedle. Door stations from the Steel and Classic design lines are skilfully integrated into the various architectural sections.
The Frankfurt-based architects Meixner Schlüter Wendt planned Axis as a “block edge high-rise building”. In this way, they make reference to the environment. In the new Europaviertel on Europa Allee, a dead straight boulevard in the direction of Frankfurt city, Axis rises up into the sky with its sophisticated façade. It plays with the viewers’ perception, only giving hints as to the number of storeys, of which there are 19. At the rear of the building there are two lower wings, which form the internal courtyard together with a row of townhouses.
At the main entrance, visitors are greeted by a video door station from the Steel design line with communication terminal. Thanks to its flush installation and special paintwork finish, the system, made of solid stainless steel, is perfectly integrated into the façade. With the illuminated, weather-resistant touchscreen it is always clear where the door call is located. A sophisticated operating concept and convenient search functions replace a myriad of call buttons.
However, the communication terminal in Axis offers even more. As a concierge is available to the residents, the terminal also features a concierge call function, which was specially developed by Siedle for this project. The concierge can call each residence – and can be reached from each residence.
Thanks to the double swing doors, the entrance is particularly well secured. A second communication terminal in the secured intermediate space can only be reached by visitors when the concierge is there. At all other times, the terminal on the street front is used.
Together with the block edge apartments, the townhouses form the frame of the internal courtyard. The unique living arrangement in this area is also reflected in the door communication.
Voice systems from the Siedle Classic design line in brushed stainless steel are installed at the side entrances to the internal courtyard and the townhouses. Their clear yet discreet design matches the Axis architecture. In this area, it harmonically merges into the older building stock of the Gallus district in Frankfurt.
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