Half-timbered complex
Location: Bad Rotenfels

Architecture: Karin Kaiser, Gaggenau
Electrical installation: Elektrodienst Neudörfer, Rastatt

A main building with a bakery, a barn, a paved yard and a small outhouse – this half-timbered complex in the centre of the village of Bad Rotenfels was on the brink of collapse, when it was rescued and lovingly restored. The renovator was able to retain most of the buildings with their typical oak beams and clay walls. Today, the whole of the complex is under a preservation order.
The refurbishment was performed with a lot of attention to authenticity and subtle modernization. The main building is divided into three apartments, the outbuilding is used as a holiday apartment.

For all the parts of the building, the owners chose Siedle Steel for communication and post reception. The systems made of solid stainless steel with a white paintwork finish fit subtly into the historical substance of the building.
Contemporary technology in a historic facade: Letterbox with removal from the front, call button, door loudspeaker and video camera.
A perfect fusion of old and new: Functionality here is limited to the basic functions ringing, speech and post reception.
Here, it was possible to integrate a pass-through letterbox into the facade. It opens inwards, from where the owners are able to conveniently remove their post.
In some cases, it can make sense to structurally separate the communication and letterbox functions. Two apartments are entered using a separate entrance. Here, the communication system was integrated on the right next to the door, with the two pass-through letterboxes on the left-hand side.
The sympathetic refurbishment has retained the majority of the historic building substance. To draw attention to the historic context, in some areas the clay infill has been freed of the plaster and exposed behind glass.
Small but perfectly formed: The outbuilding is regularly rented out to guests.
Design line Siedle Steel
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