Accessory diode
ZD 512-4

Product Details

Accessory diode
ZD 512-4

The accessory diodes must be used with the new wire-saving system with TLM 512-0 in the door loudspeaker.
A diode accessory ZD 512-4 must be mounted at each call button module irrespective of the number of call buttons.
Components: Diode circuit board for all 4 call buttons, 5 wire connectors and 2 fastening screws.
When re-equipping existing call button modules TM 511-… with mounting date prior to 1993, we recommend using the ZD 061-10 instead of the ZD 512-4.

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
ZD 512-4Accessory diode-D200015945-00