Detached house in Heilbronn

Architecture: Herzog + Herzog, Heilbronn

​​​​​​​Electrical planning: PBK Kible, Heilbronn

Electrical installation: Hopfengärtner, Heilbronn

Communication, access control and video surveillance, Siedle Steel

The technical equipment in this multi-storey villa is as extraordinary as its architecture. Modern building system technology switches and controls complex lighting and room scenarios in the house and garden. Siedle Steel takes on the communication, access control and video surveillance.

Free standing stainless steel pedestal with video intercom and intercom system

At the entrance to the property, a free standing stainless steel pedestal integrates video intercom and intercom system, a movement sensor module and a large-volume letterbox.

Door station from the Siedle Steel design line

The owners open the front door with a code lock, visitors use the call button.

In-house telephone system with colour monitor

Both entrance cameras send their images to the in-house telephone's colour monitor.

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