The Brandhorst Museum

Location: Munich

Architecture: Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin
Electrical planning: Zibell Willner &Partner, Berlin

Electrical installation: MTG Kommunikationstechnik, Munich

The facade of the Brandhorst Museum gives the impression of a work of abstract art. Interaction with this contemporary design highlights the outstanding adaptability of Siedle building communication: The minimalist design of the solid stainless steel pedestals blends into the overall picture as if purpose built.

The Brandhorst Museum is the newest building in the Munich museum area. Opened in May 2009, the long rectangular building with a significantly higher front building is considered to be one of the most innovative museum buildings in the world.
The Berlin architects Sauerbruch Hutton applied intelligent restraint to the interior of the building. The gallery rooms with their white walls and solid oak flooring form an unobtrusive background to the over 700 works of art from the collectors Udo and Anette Brandhorst.
The facade, which is made up of 36,000 ceramic slats which glow with different intensity, is less discreet and in fact openly impressive. Here Sauerbruch Hutton virtuously uses colour as a structural element. The entire building itself appears like an abstract painting – an anticipation of its contents.
The guardians of these contents include two freestanding door stations from the Siedle Steel communication and signage system: a slender communication pedestal at the entrance to the inner courtyard and a larger element which includes a fire department key box in front of the office and staff entrance. Both stations are connected to the museum’s telephone system, so that every employee can use their telephone as an indoor station.
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