Stuttgart City Library
Location: Stuttgart

Architecture: Eun Young Yi, Yi Architects, Köln/Seoul
Electrical planning: Conplaning GmbH, Ulm
Electrical installation: Siemens AG, Building Technologies Division, Stuttgart

Eun Young Yi designed the Stuttgart Municipal Library as a monolith. The stringent design of the facade deliberately shuts the outside world out of this centre of learning. Nothing is allowed to disrupt the homogeneous outer skin of the building. This is why Yi decided to opt for Siedle Steel as the building communication system. The systems were designed precisely to the specifications of the architect and blend seamlessly into the building envelope.
Eun Young Yi achieved the monolithic appearance of the cube by dispensing with superfluous elements and attaching equal importance to all four fronts of the building. Clearly marked out as recesses, the open access points are located in the central axis of each facade, precisely representing the four points of the compass. For the four public entrances, the architect chose communication systems in brushed stainless steel which correspond to the hardware used on the doors.
Camouflage: The ancillary entrances for personnel use blend with the facade. The communication technology blends in almost seamlessly. The flush systems have been painted by Siedle precisely to match the specific materials. Optically speaking, the building communication system with LED light, flush mounted video camera and access control is almost completely integrated, with perception reduced to just the necessary functions.
The ancillary building spaces for delivery and ventilation follow the outline of the square floor plan outline, ensuring the clear legibility of the building's primary spaces. Eun Young Yi achieves this by the consistent use of homogeneous, minimized surfaces. The delivery structure echoes the materiality and colouration of the municipal library. A door station in the Siedle Steel design series with LED spotlight, key-operated switch, flush-mounted video camera, code lock and control system for garage doors has been recessed into the facade.
At two entrances, the client was not yet able to make a final decision on the required functionality. To overcome this problem, Siedle produced space keepers used in preparation for door station mounting. Foresighted planning guarantees homogeneity in terms of appearance and of retrofitting capability: If required, the space keepers are replaced by functioning door stations. At the South-facing entrance, the planning bureau provided a door station space keeper made of brushed stainless steel. Its form and materiality correspond to the systems at the public entrances in the North, West and East.
The client has also had a door station space-keeper installed at the East-facing ancillary entrance. Just like the respective LED light, this has been painted in the precise colour of the facade. Supplementary functions such as access control or video camera can be added at a later date if required.
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