Astrup Fearnley Museum
Location: Oslo, Norway

Architecture: Renzo Piano, Genua/Paris/New York

The architectural statement of the Astrup Fearnley Museum of modern and contemporary art strongly identifies with the waterfront motif of its location in the old harbour district of Oslo. The timber cladding brings to mind sailing ships, the slender steel supports are reminiscent of rigging. Above the structure, the glass roofs billow like sails, allowing maximum daylight to flood the museum floors below.
The demands made on building communication in the museum are stringent, impacting not only on functionality but also optical effect. The door stations of the Siedle Steel design line fulfil both these roles. Thanks to their classic but timeless appeal, they blend perfectly into the unobtrusive design of the museum, which is intended to place the art works explicitly at centre stage. A total of six door stations made of brushed stainless steel are used at the timber cladding on the indoor and outdoor area, each of them individually configured and produced for the relevant threshold.
Outside of regular opening hours, door stations from Siedle also control public access to the museum, also at the stairways and lifts. Depending on requirements, the door stations encompass an integrated flush mounted camera, an access control with code lock and a door release button for barrier-free access. The clear symbols used in the Steel design are discreet but intuitively understood by visitors.
Because Renzo Piano was insistent that no technical installations should interrupt the glass facades in the entrance area. free standing columns from the Siedle Steel design line were selected as the optimum means of door communication. 13 pedestals in brushed stainless steel with individually engraved door release buttons and access control using code lock guide visitors into the building. The large door release button is positioned to be within easy reach for wheelchair users.
The unobtrusive design concept of the indoor stations provides the perfect complement to the clear lines of Siedle Steel. The table-top version handsfree video telephone enables convenient operation without the need for a receiver.
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