House Olga Haebler
Location: Baden-Baden

Electrical planning: Mussler Gesamtplan, Sinzheim
Electrical installation: Elektro-Kreideweis, Baden-Baden

Four houses, 101 residential units and a lot of visitors: The design brief for the Residential Home for the Elderly run by the Workers' Welfare Organization required architects and planners to ensure that residents and guests would be quickly and safely guided to their destination.
The issue was solved using a colour coded system – and Siedle Vario. The arrangement of the call button modules under the info panels corresponds to the assignment of apartments to the different houses, while an imprint of the floor plan clearly indicates the location of the house within the overall complex.
The way in is indicated by the colour, which is assigned to each house at the main entrance and guides visitors as far as the building's door stations.
Simple and immediately understandable – a concept made easy to implement by Siedle Vario. All Vario systems in the residential complex are assembled for standard function modules.
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