The new magazine from Siedle: All in one

A new publication to provide comprehensive information about the product spectrum and the Siedle brand. The magazine not only combines the function of product leaflet and corporate brochure, it also deals with a far wider spectrum of issues and provides some intriguing editorial content. Under the leitmotif of "Architecture at the threshold", it deals with the whole field of building communication from the aspects of architecture, technology, design and culture over 240 pages.
Renowned authors visit different aspects of the threshold, such as the increasing need for security, the mechanization of buildings or the principle of permeability in the architecture of David Adjaye. In a series of interviews, portraits and background articles, readers can find out what sets the traditional Siedle brand apart from the rest: Perfection, consistency, passion and courage.
The magazine showcases products and systems in application and in their architectural environment. It aspires to appeal not only to architects and building owners but also to anyone who is interested in communication at the entrance beyond the simple bell and intercom.
The magazine is published in German and English, is free of charge and can only be ordered directly from Siedle.

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