In many types of building, Siedle Access offers whole new scope. From ultra-modern detached family homes to large-scale projects posing new challenges and building complexes located across separate sites.
One-family home
Complex, increasingly linked automation and media control systems provide the convenience which has now become an accepted part of living in an up-market environment. The feature that all these applications have in common is IP-based networking. Building communication using Siedle Access fits seamlessly into this digital world – from planning and installation to operation. The technical features are supplemented by the excellent quality of the materials and workmanship and the prize-winning design which make Siedle products what they are. Good design and an attractive appearance often play a major role, particularly for private building owners who demand more.
Multiple occupancy buildings
Siedle Access can really show off what it can do in large buildings. Access is almost unlimited in terms of maximum cable length, number of doors, users or speech channels. The opposite is true for the cabling because what used to require bundles of cables as thick as your arm can now get by with a single network cable. And you can decide for yourself what terminals are connected to this cable – whether they are classic or virtual video call stations, contain concierge software or are devices made by other manufacturers. Everything is possible and changeable, even retrospectively. That makes planning with Access simple, fast and therefore low cost. In fact, wherever there is an IP infrastructure, Access can react as required to the needs of its users.
Building complex
The IP-based Siedle Access system is ideal for use in multiple disparate locations. Like an in-house LAN, a common WAN can be used as a basis for the system. Whether you want central surveillance and management using our concierge software, remote communication or joint administration – Siedle Access joins locations with almost total disregard to the distances between them. The central service makes the entire system management easy and helps to improve the system efficiency by providing a central data
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