Villa Merkana
Location: Remscheid-Lennep

Electrical planning: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid
Electrical installation: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Hi-tech meets classicism – in a carefully renovated villa steeped in history. As the headquarters of the companies Merkana Reisen and Merkana IT-Systeme, this historical building sets standards in building automation while retaining all of its historical charm – thanks in part at least to the adaptable, networked door communication systems from Siedle.
The villa was constructed in the style of an Italian Renaissance palace by a powder manufacturer in 1860. Later the town of Remscheid used this impressive building as a registry office with Mediterranean flair. In 2011, a local entrepreneurial family purchased the historic building – believing that it was possible to both thoroughly modernise it and carry out a faithful restoration.
The result of this extensive renovation shows a great deal of respect to the cultural heritage of the building, uncompromising care in the choice of materials and impressive attention to detail. At the entrance, a Siedle Steel system contributes to the overall effect. The engraved call buttons filled in black take individual special requirements into account, as does the particularly large letterbox which must accommodate the post for both firms based there.
Lean technology and flexible operation characterise the door communication inside. As the control centre of the reception, the concierge software from Siedle Access ensures the utmost flexibility.
The Siedle app instantaneously converts the iPhone in your pocket into a video intercom.
The iPad, in its flush mounted wall holder, can also be used as a convenient door station. Thus precious historic buildings can also house innovative technology – networked and discreetly.
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