Hi-tech in the Bergisches Land
Location: Remscheid

Electrical planning: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid
Electrical installation: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Meet the perfect combination of architecture and intelligent home technology: the “smart home” of a family in Remscheid. The residential building also serves as a show home for the family company, which specialises in building automation. So it’s no surprise that they opted for the ultramodern Siedle Access system.
The stepped building features large expanses of glass which look out onto the garden area. It’s not immediately obvious just how much technology this private home contains, offering its residents the ultimate in convenience and security. More than 70 network connections are needed to achieve this.
A free standing system from the Siedle Steel design line represents the first point of contact with visitors. Standing right at the entrance, it embodies the owners’ exceptional taste in regard to quality and design.
The house exudes transparency and openness, and regularly plays host to architects and installation companies who visit to discover the possibilities of modern building control. Thus this showpiece boasts all the necessary technical refinement.
Siedle Access integrates seamlessly into the IP network and enhances it with the entire range of Siedle system technology functions. As a result, even the door communication satisfies the most exacting requirements – in a building where light, shutters, heating and audio systems are controlled via KNX programming and monitored from any location via the Internet.
As well as a clear design, Siedle offers an impressively large choice of high-quality surfaces: the family opted for brushed stainless steel for the indoor stations with video and handsfree function, a choice which perfectly complements the linear interior design, right down to the windows.
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