Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Architecture: C.F. Møller Danmark A/S
Electrical planning: Cowi, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
Electrical installation: Jansson Alarm A/S

The Danish textile retail giant Bestseller is one of Europe’s biggest retail companies. The building technology recently installed at its new company headquarters in Aarhus aims to address the most stringent demands in terms of design and aesthetics. The client and architect selected Siedle Steel for the building communication, which operates using the iP-based Siedle Access system.
Architects C.F. Møller conceived the new headquarters for the fashion retailer as a multi-faceted “city within a city” by including outdoor spaces and water into the design. Courtyards, terraces and roof gardens link the different parts of the building on changing levels. The building is surrounded by canals and lakes, and forms the entrance to a new urban district. The complex houses around 800 workplaces, plus show rooms, an auditorium, video and film studios, as well as facilities for fashion shows and conferences.
Siedle Steel provided an impressive addition with its minimized design and use of high-end materials, as well as the system's wide-ranging functional scope. Each of the installed systems blends with its specific architectural environment, while together creating a coherent overall impression. In the outdoor spaces, the door stations blend perfectly into the facade in a surface finish of solid aluminium. In the foyer and underground car park, the planners positioned free-standing pedestals. In the glazed passages, the systems were mounted on glass with a paintwork finish to match the existing support elements.
Systems mounted on glass with black lacquered solid stainless steel throughout.
Originally, the planners had assumed that the access control and building communication would have to be constructed separately. The meticulously engineered design of the Siedle communication systems meant that systems from third-party suppliers could also be integrated. The entire technology required at the entrances is combined by Siedle Steel in a single cohesive design.

Picture: Flush-mounted outdoor system, solid aluminium, black painted mounting level, with video camera, door loudspeaker, call button and access control.
One of several pedestals, shown here in the underground car park, equipped with video camera, door loudspeaker, call button and access control. Siedle produces the pedestals from solid black painted stainless steel. Here too, the surfaces are made of aluminium.
The lifts are fitted with a special form of access control: They travel to certain storeys only after entering a specific code. The codes are entered using a small system with code lock in the Siedle Vario design line.
Customized installation: The planners were concerned to maintain linear clarity. They had the video panel mounted flush in the wood in order to maintain a completely flat level, and dispensed with the customary table base. If the reception is unmanned, the Siedle Access system forwards door calls to the Siedle app. In this way, access to the building is ensured at all times.
Access for entitled personnel only: Wherever no speech or camera function is required, Siedle Steel can also accommodate individual access control elements. The door opens after entering the right code.
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