Historic Castle
Location: Belgium

System planning and commissioning:
Siedle Belgium

Several historic outbuildings are grouped around a 19th Century castle in a generously landscaped park. The members of a large family live here independently of each other in individual residential units, while still remaining closely intermeshed: The Siedle Access IP system links the buildings with each other and with several drive-in entrances. This helps to overcome considerable distances: There are around a thousand metres separating the main entrance and the castle alone.
At the main drive entrance, a pedestal in the Siedle Steel design line secures access. Using the call display, visitors select the contact they wish to see from a list, and then activate a door call by pressing the button. Owners can open the door by scanning a fingerprint. The video camera transmits its pictures to several indoor stations and the Siedle App relays the pictures to the owners' iPhones and iPads.
The IP wiring in compliance with network standards creates flexibility in the interior. The call stations can be positioned as required. Either permanently mounted on the wall or free-standing anywhere in the house – a mains connection is all that is required. This allows the building communication system to be adjusted to changes of use without costly installation work.
The telephone system is also networked with the building communication system over Siedle Access. This allows residents to additionally talk to visitors using their VoIP telephones.
All the residential units are fitted with several indoor video stations. This allows a quick glance outside the door from any location. The video image can be fetched to the display at any time without the camera activity being visible from the outside.
The new Siedle App creates a mobile threshold. It allows residents to conduct door communication from wherever they happen to be, whether in the garden or the garage. Your iPhone or iPad assumes the function of an indoor call station, including the live video image.
Fingerprint readers were installed by the owners at the residential units. This provides a significant improvement to convenience and security. There is no need to carry bunches of keys around day to day. The access control can be programmed, for instance, to allow employees to open the residential units only at the agreed times. Visitors signal their presence using the integrated call button.
In ancillary buildings to which only residents have access, Siedle installed separate fingerprint readers. The minimalized Steel design blends perfectly with the rendering of the historical facade.
The extensive property can be accessed through several different entrance driveways. Visitors register their presence here using the large-area call button. This can be conveniently actuated from the seat of a car.
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