Volksbank Villingen
Location: Villingen

Architecture: Muffler-Architekten, Tuttlingen
Electrical planning: ibb Burrer & Deuring Ingenieurbüro, Ludwigsburg
Electrical installation: Total Walther Feuerschutz & Sicherheit, Donaueschingen

The extension to the Volksbank Villingen links the existing building to a collection of newly constructed visitor and consultation zones. The IP-based communication system Siedle Access links the two parts of the building, securing access in the outside area and also within the bank.
To ensure that the building is capable of accommodating future changes, the Volksbank and its planning bureau decided to opt for Siedle Access. The IP system offers scope for flexible scaling and permits a whole array of functional upgrades. Should the bank decide for instance to communicate with visitors in the future via PC, Access can be simply upgraded with a network link, the necessary software and programming.
The use of uniform communication standards was key to successful networking of the existing and new buildings. The standard used here is called IP: A single network cable is sufficient to link the two parts of the building with Siedle Access.

Picture: A door station from the Siedle Steel design line secures the door at the main entrance. If the hinged door is closed, visitors can be identified at the adjacent glass door.
Inside the Volksbank building, busy areas with a high level of public footfall are interspersed with discreet private booths set aside for individual consultation. The discreet zones can only be accessed by prior presentation of visitor ID. Video door stations from the Siedle Steel design line secure the consultation areas against unauthorized access and permit advisors to recognize visitors from further away.
The contemporary office design concept is all about transparency both outside and in. Because the individual areas are surrounded by glass walls, the planners decided against traditional wall mounting of the indoor stations. Instead, the employees have been equipped with table-top devices which can be placed in any location and connected to any network socket using a patch cable. The camera at the door of the consultation area sends its video image to the monitor integrated in the table-top device. If advisors have to leave their desk, they can activate a call redirection function to a colleague by simply pressing a button.
Siedle Access
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