Siedle Access capability and performance at a glance. Because in terms of its functionality Access is an open system, this page will be continuously updated to include system and functional upgrades.
• Internal calls, internal conversations
• Audio privacy/video privacy device
• Door calls and door speech connections with video
• Direct door calls with video
• Storey call
• Echo cancellation
• Active background noise suppression
• Call log with history
• Voice mail (concierge and SW telephone)

• Central video memory
• Automatic capture of camera images during a door call
• Selective capture of camera images
• Selective display and deletion of images
• Camera selection via contact list or in video area
• Scanning mode (concierge and SW telephone)

• Link-up of a TC system to the Access server
• Dialling public network numbers from the contact list or by direct dial (software call stations)
• Call to the public telephone network using a code lock
• Call on hold, call brokering
• Music on hold
• Call redirection (manual, in the event of absence, if the line is busy)
• Call forwarding attended, unattended (concierge software)
• Display of user status
• Automation (switching/control)
• Doormatic function (destination, door or connection oriented) with status display
• Support for binary KNX functions

• Browser-based commissioning
• Management and configuration of users and devices
• Group management
• Several administrators with different user rights
• Remote configuration via the server's web interface

• Configuration backup
• Remote maintenance and updates
• Monitoring and logging of system capacity utilization
• Manual line / user monitoring
• Management of software statuses in the server
• Detailed logging for support and developers

• Link to IP telephone systems conforming to the standard
• Integration of a/b converters
• External analogue cameras (via interface AIVS)
• KNX or other building automation systems (e.g. Crestron or AMX)
• Link to video recording devices, operating displays and video servers via the Access video decoupler
• Access control (via Vario bus)
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