IQ in-house telephones: connected to the future
Upgrade old intercom systems to use the Siedle App for mobile door communication: it’s so easy with the IQ in-house telephone. For existing systems made from 1952. Our video tutorial shows just how easy connecting to the future is: once the IQ in-house telephone is installed, users can connect their smartphone directly.
Out with the old, in with the app: the new indoor stations with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity send door calls to smartphones – no matter how old the system.
App upgrade. For systems made from 1952.

Through the new IQ in-house telephone, even older intercom systems can get access to mobile door communication. Millions of these systems are already installed – and now they can all be upgraded to use the app. This connection to cyberspace works no matter how old the system: the Siedle App securely delivers door calls to residents’ mobile end devices

The new IQ in-house telephone is available for 1+n and 6+n installation systems.
Smart Home. Simple as.

IQ in-house telephones enable mobile door communication in existing systems, free from any complicated installation processes or structural changes: simply unmount the existing in-house telephone, mount and connect Siedle IQ and link it to the router via the Siedle App for iOS and Android. The app quickly and securely guides you through the login process – no special know-how required. And in just a few minutes, activation is complete.

The indoor telephones are mounted and installed just like traditional 1+n or 6+n system in-house telephones, with one crucial difference: they need an additional power supply to be able to stay permanently connected to Wi-Fi via the customer’s network router.
Hosted in Germany. With IQ.

Our Siedle App for mobile door communication uses an encrypted connection to our server based in Germany, certified in accordance with ISO 27001. This new server is our future investment and is at the centre of our new intelligent system “Siedle IQ”. Everything that will be linked to the Siedle server in future will be a part of Siedle IQ.

Our new app is available to download from popular app stores.
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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Siedle App (FAQ) can be found > here.
IQ HTS/HTA – it has the power

Our new IQ in-house telephones need a permanent power supply as they are WiFi devices. An additional terminal block provides the necessary connection. Siedle offers supply solutions to meet every requirement.

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