Looking sharp
Optimised technology and a clear selection at an affordable price: our current camera portfolio includes two models. Camera 130 is the standard model for the majority of applications. Camera 180 comes into play when the structural situation makes having a larger camera viewing angle essential.
New technology, improved image

The advanced camera technology in both camera models improves image reproduction. The revised technology lies within the matte black ring around the lens. This minimises light reflections and helps make the video quality even better, even in difficult lighting.

Siedle has revised the technology in Camera 130, while Camera 180 is brand new: with its new sensor and new lens it delivers a sharp and highly natural video picture of the outside. Additional Camera 180 features include:
– Full picture or 9 separate selectable pictures
– Electronic image correction in full picture mode
– Expanded detection angle around the edges of the
   selected picture
– Backlight compensation (BLC)

True day/night visibility: excellent night vision

Like Camera 130, Siedle has equipped Camera 180 with automatic day-night switching (true day/night visibility) alongside integrated infra-red lighting. To achieve excellent night vision, our cameras use the full spectrum of available low-level light, supported by additional infra-red lighting. Advanced technological developments also ensure natural colour reproduction during the day, as well as an even sharper video image.

Detection angle (horizontal/vertical:
Camera 130: approx. 130°/100°
Camera 180: approx. 175°/120°

Optimised Camera 130: available now
Optimised Camera 180: available autumn 2020

The cameras are available for Vario, Classic and Steel design lines.
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