Conversion, restoration of existing building stock, maintaining building substance: You could almost believe that the major significance of these issues is inversely related to the appreciation of their value. Muck Petzet, who dedicated the German Pavilion at the last Architecture Biennial to renovation, labelled the widespread disregard of what amounts to almost 80 per cent of all residential buildings as "absurd".
He is not alone. With his Antivilla near Potsdam, Arno Brandlhuber demonstrated that omission can be an architectural virtue. He preserved a former factory and in it created living space which extends towards the outside as the seasons change, or retracts down to a heated core area.
An interesting approach to the adaptive threshold and a counterposition to renovation which relies on insulation, ventilation and their control, layering ever more technology over technology. And high input of resources, demonstrating that conservation offers potential not only ecologically but also economically. Siedle has long since been a proponent of this ethos. We view our products as an alternative to obsolescence, to intended decay.

This makes us all the more receptive to the new appreciation for preservation, which is the theme of the guest article by Anh-Linh Ngo.
Our renovation references clearly demonstrate how Siedle systems blend into the substance of existing buildings.
A commentary by
Anh-Linh Ngo

Building within the existing building stock will gain a new socio-political dimension which provides a shield against misconceived traditionalism, and assigns a whole new progressive and social significance to preservation and durability.
On value retention and investment security
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