Virtual in-house telephone
With the virtual in-house telephone, the door station becomes part of the IP network. Call, speech and video signals from the door are transmitted in the network and received by the client software. The PC assumes all the functions of an indoor call station including video display, door release, switching functions and status messages.
The virtual call station becomes active when a door call is received; it depicts the camera image and establishes a speech connection. It can naturally also be manually activated, for instance for video surveillance. In addition, it allows internal audio communication between all system users and executes simple switching functions.
The virtual indoor station can also be operated on Windows-based operating or automation panels. In this way it allows integration into the door communication system.
The basic requirement for operation of the virtual in-house telephone is the Siedle In-Home bus installation system in conjunction with the Smart Gateway interface.
This turns the PC, iPhone or iPad into an extension of the door communication system. A Smart Gateway can connect up to 50 IP users. Every IP device connected with the Smart Gateway requires a user licence. Two licences are included in the scope of supply.

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The virtual call station is just as intuitive and easy to operate as any other Siedle call station. And the software is equipped to also perform far more complex tasks. It indicates status messages if required and performs switching and control functions too.

Functions at a glance
– Control directly at the monitor by mouse click or gesture control
– Two view modes: Window and widget view
– Audio and video door communication
– Camera surveillance
– Video memory
– Direct door dialling from list
– Receiving group calls
– Switching and control functions (e.g. door release or light)
– Available for the Gateway, free download from the Siedle website
– Licence required, the scope of supply of the Smart Gateway includes two licences
– CTI door call: Audio transmission via SIP telephone, video transmission via In-House telephone bus software
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