BSE and BEM for the control cabinet
The bus switching unit and the bus input module are now also available in slender 1-grid housing for the top hat rail. The devices have been improved with new functions – in the control cabinet design as well as in the tried-and-tested housing for installation in a box.
The BSE and BSM switching devices were previously designed for junction box and flush mounted installation. With the new bus switching unit and the new bus input module for the top hat rail, Siedle is now offering the next logical step – and the right device for every application.

The slender housing offers easy, space-saving installation in the control cabinet thanks to the convenient snap mounting, which rules out any slipping. What is more, programming buttons and status LEDs also remain visible and accessible once the cover strips have been affixed. No additional components are needed for mounting.
With these new devices for the top hat rail, Siedle is taking its product care to the next level. Additional functions significantly enhance the bus switching unit and the bus input module and apply to both the new control cabinet design and the proven box design:

Bus switching unit (BSE)
New switching scenarios can be created by connecting it to specific indoor stations. Example: if the door release is activated in a multi-storey building, the lift automatically travels to the ground floor. The floor lighting is simultaneously activated on the same storey as the indoor station in question.

Bus input module (BEM)
It is now possible to release the door decentrally via single buttons that are distributed throughout the building. In doctor’s surgeries and other locations where the door release is activated frequently, this means shorter distances and greater independence.
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