Siedle Vario
Siedle Vario covers just about every conceivable requirement when it comes to entryway communication. In the wall, on the wall or free-standing, four standard colours and an unlimited choice of non-standard shades, with letterbox, lighting video surveillance or access control: Siedle Vario integrates whatever functions are possible in the entrance area within a single standardized framework.

Design icons
The multiple prize-winning system design ensures that every combination addresses the most stringent design aspirations. Siedle Vario is the epitome of good modular structured door communication.The system has received multiple design awards - and served as a model for a whole product category.
The Vario modular system
The Vario principle is as ingenious as it is simple: It is based on functional modules and a design grid. Within the grid, the modules can be arranged in any combination. The result is a neatly arranged, aesthetically pleasing communication system every time. Everything is in perfect alignment and the proportions are right - even when large info signs or letterboxes are integrated.
Door loudspeaker
Loudspeaker and microphone as the basis for every telecom system. With perfect speech quality from Siedle, even in loud environments. The illuminated light button is integrated.
Call buttons
Clearly arranged, accessible from the front and backlit. The nameplate can be exchanged without using tools.
A call button module accommodates one, two, three or four buttons. Larger residential complexes are catered for by simply combining several modules.
Call display
Particularly economical for large-scale residential properties: A display replaces rows of bells. Arrow buttons guide the user to the required name, the call button establishes the connection.
Plenty of space and LED lighting for house numbers, names or opening hours. Or a call number list in conjunction with the code lock.
Space keeper
Space for inscriptions or as a space keeper for subsequent additions. Video camera? Key-operated switch? Card reader? The dummy module is patient – and the Vario system is upgradable.
Movement sensor module/
photoelectric lighting controller

Automatically switches on the light or any other electrical consumer when darkness falls.
Camera 130/180
High-resolution colour camera with wide field of vision. Horizontal/vertical pick-up range: appr. 130°/100° or 165°/135°.
Camera 80
Colour camera with adjustable wide-angle lens. Effective horizontal/vertical pick-up range: 80°/60°, additional mechanical adjustment by 30°.
Power socket
There is a handy 230-volt socket located under a weatherproof cover.
Electronic key reader
The alternative to the key: Just hold the electronic key briefly in front of the reading field to open the door. In case of loss, the relevant key is simply disabled.
Code lock
Opens the door or serves as a control centre for all switchable functions. Used together with a user list in the info module, the code lock also functions as a call system.
Fingerprint recognition
Safe, simple, convenient: Using a finger for door release. Takes away the stress of lost, forgotten, mislaid or stolen keys.
Card reader
Formal and function combination of access control and door communication: The module accommodates standard commercially available card reading systems, putting an end to untidy separate solutions.
Key-operated switch
Alarm systems, garage doors, roller blinds – whatever you want to close, key-operated switches do not need to be placed away out of sight. The module accommodates all standard profile half-cylinders.
LED spotlight
The spotlight places emphasis where it is needed, creates accents and outlines contours.
LED light module
Energy-saving and almost indestructible: Four LEDs immerse driveways, paths or the whole entrance area in radiant white light. The modules can be mounted in-row to form large-scale lights.
Status display
The status display provides an optical signal of which function is active. This affords the deaf and hard of hearing clear visual feedback from the intercom.
Video door stations
Audio door stations
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