Siedle Steel
The Siedle Steel communication system was developed as a means of realizing wishes, plans and ideas. It offers scope for individual design creativity with all the quality and precision of industrial manufacture. It is this which sets Siedle Steel apart from individually designed solutions by craftsmen, which can never match the standard of precision workmanship and material quality achievable using modern industrial production.
Upwardly open
Every Steel system is configured and constructed as a one-off in line with customer specifications. Consequently, maximum freedom of application was one of two underlying design objectives. The other was the achievement of perfection: An objective which admits no compromises.
In terms of technology: Functional excellence is a non-negotiable requirement. In terms of material: All fronts come in cohesive solid metal over their whole surface to an exemplary standard of workmanship. In terms of design: The design is devoid of any visible means of fixture; flat surfaces, linear clarity and precise edges highlight the aesthetic merit of the material.

The design quality emanated by Siedle Steel rests on a solid foundation of consistency and authenticity. The design and the functional scope it offers are second to none. Steel systems are among those rare commodities which define the peak of what is feasible in their own particular field.
So the objectives have been achieved? Not quite. The greatest possible degree of freedom and perfection are ideals which recede further into the distance the closer we approach. Siedle Steel is an open-ended system - not just for its users, but for its creators too. We are working on it.
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