Siedle Steel
The high-end Siedle Steel system is renowned for its clear-cut, elegant styling. Its characteristic features include invisible fixture, completely smooth surfaces in solid metal and outstanding precision of every edge and cut-out.
Steel systems are individually planned and configured as one-off bespoke units. Their functionality is as variable as their design.
Configuration examples
Without any visible fastening, the solid front panel appears to hover above the mounting level. The technology disappears into the wall recess, the add-on height of the front panel is a mere six millimetres.

The frontal control panel is in anodized aluminium, the mounting level in a silver micaceous iron ore paintwork finish.
Sensible addition: Raised house number in solid transverse-brushed stainless steel, effectively highlighted by the LED spotlight. The solid call buttons are engraved.

Front control panel in longitudinally-brushed stainless steel, mounting level in blue micaceous iron ore paintwork finish.
The communication pedestal is located precisely where it creates the most effective impact while not interfering with the facade design. The fingerprint reader does not create an obstacle, as like all the system elements it is fully suited for outdoor use. Combination with a fingerprint reader is provided at practically every door, also inside the building and at one of the garage entrances: Occupants gain access with a fingerprint, guests use the call button and speech connection.

Front control panel: Anodized aluminium, mounting level: Individual orange paintwork finish
Design line Siedle Steel
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