Residential home in the Black Forest
Location: Baden-Württemberg

The comprehensive modernization and redesign of this large building project posed tough demands in terms of communication technology. The most stringent aspirations in terms of function, operating convenience and enhanced security have to be reconciled with the owner's preference for individual and prestigious design.
Door stations with video surveillance, letterbox and delivery compartment, wall and bollard lights, biometric and electronic access control, alarm system, switching and control elements and even the house number: The entire installation in the access and entrance area unmistakably speaks in the striking design language of Siedle Steel.
The solid chrome-plated stainless steel finish and wealth of detail features reflect the individual preference of the owner. The one-off production concept of Siedle Steel provides the perfect platform to implement this unique specification.
Perfection down the last detail: Even the so-called fire brigade key depository where all access keys are kept in case of emergency complies with the strict fire regulations and the stipulations of the insurance company – as well as fitting in with the Siedle Steel design concept.
The house number has been laser cut into the solid stainless steel.
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