Beisheim Center
Location: Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

Architecture: Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, Berlin
Electrical planning: Paul + Gampe + Partner, Esslingen
Electrical installation: B.I.N.S.S, Berlin

The Beisheim Center completes the development of the former no-mans land at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. In terms of urban planning, it is distinguished from the surrounding area by a notable lack of shopping passages and entertainment establishments. At one of the most lively squares in the city, relaxed residential living has been established based on a unique concept: The occupants of the apartments have access to all the services of the first-class Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which occupies the first eleven floors of the characteristic tower.
Also in architectural terms, the Beisheim Center creates a counterpoint by returning to the roots of modern urban architecture in this historic location – to stone instead of to steel and glass.
Clarity of form, no-nonsense contemporary styling, traditional material: The door station made of burnished brass follows the same the architectural remit – and blends in with the accentuation of the door.
Aesthetically speaking, the interior architecture of Peter Silling harks back to the era of the classical skyscraper. The door stations with their elegant surface in a high-gloss brass look blend perfectly into this ambience.
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