Montabaur Castle
Location: Montabaur

Architecture: Michael Graf, Dernbach (renovation)
Electrical planning: Markus Fröhlich (responsible for house technology) / Siedle
Electrical installation: Pulte Elektrotechnik, Montabaur

Montabaur Castle, once a residence of archbishops, prince electors and dukes, has been used since 1981 by the Academy of German Cooperative Societies as a management training centre.
Initially used exclusively for the company's own purposes, the castle has been successfully marketed since 1999 as a conference hotel for senior management. Committed to the target group: After comprehensive renovation, the 1000-year old masonry has been upgraded with the addition of exquisite fittings and state-of-the-art technology.
Providing the building communication, Siedle Steel complied with the stringent aspiration to provide top-quality material, first-class quality, perfect functionality and elegant design.
Overall, there are eight external systems monitoring the driveways and entrances.
They are linked to the reception, while video, speech and call signals are also transmitted to two ISDN telephones in other parts of the building via the telephone network.
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