Siedle Classic
Siedle Classic is a contemporary take on the classic door station. Concentration on the essentials makes Siedle Classic the right choice for all those who value the solidity and quality of solid metal.
Metal with a system
Just like its ancestor the Siedle Portavox, the first ever door station, the basic version of this modular system comprises a metal front panel with buttons and loudspeaker grille. But in terms of its design, function, materials and workmanship, Classic is abreast of the very latest developments. With its distinctive traditional design signature, Siedle Classic integrates the essential functions in the entrance area: Calling, speech, vision, door release, access control and post reception. A design grid ensures that aesthetic and functional aspects are ideally coordinated.
What makes the Classic design line unique:
• The solidity and luxurious quality of solid metal
• The unique characteristic design signature
• The outstanding quality of the materials and workmanship
• The material and surface finish options
• Flush mounting
Standard and individual
Standard systems available from stock cover the majority of needs. Special requirements in terms of design and functionality are fulfilled on request by our Electronic Special Department in a similar way to the familiar service provided for Siedle Vario.
Post reception
Whether in the form of a pass-through letterbox or with front removal: Siedle Classic offers letterbox systems in all popular sizes and combinations – if required also with a handy mail notification system. It indicates at the indoor station when mail has been delivered to the letterbox.
Smart buttons
The nameplate buttons have no visible means of fixture. They can still be easily opened from the front. The engraved solid metal button available as an optional extra affords even greater protection against vandalism.
Variety of available buttons
From top to bottom:
• Configuration as light button
• Standard button made of transparent highly resistant plastic
• Engraved metal button
• Engraved metal button with black facing
• Blank metal button
Optimized order process

The rough-in installation and the final installation are often carried out at different times. As electrical installers can now order the flush-mount housing separately, the valuable function unit no longer needs to be stored until the system is installed. The function unit is only ordered and quickly delivered once it is actually needed.

Important: for standard systems, the flush-mount housing and function unit must now always be ordered separately – without any surcharge. For special systems, both components are ordered and supplied as one item, as before.
Audio door stations
Video door stations
Design awards
Red Dot Design Award for Siedle Classic
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