Smart details
It is not just the obvious performance features that determine the quality of a video camera. The really decisive factor is the interaction between the technically highly developed details.
Picture quality
Modern CMOS technology, automatic backlight compensation and an electrical dimmer function ensure brilliant colour rendering and picture quality.
Night vision
All Siedle cameras come with automatic day/night switchover and a high level of light sensitivity, as well as integrated infrared lighting through to the edge area.
True day/night
All cameras combine natural colour reproduction by day with excellent night vision. During the night, the modern technology uses the light's infrared spectrum, and ensures a video image with colour fidelity by day. > More
Two-step heating
A two-step heating system protects the camera models from condensation, allowing Siedle to guarantee full functionality even where there are steep temperature gradients.
Large pick-up angle
The camera 130 has the majority of the entrance area in its sights. The field of vision of the camera 180 stretches almost from wall to wall, and reliably picks up even small children or wheelchair users.
Pilfer safeguard
Siedle recommends securing high-quality systems with its pilfer safeguard. It electrically controls a solid locking mechanism.
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Video memory
Who was in front of the door and when? Most of the video indoor stations have a video memory, which provides a picture of every visitor who has rung the bell.
Rapid exchange
We have thought of it all: The connections for the old and new cameras are identical. This means an old bus camera 80 can be replaced with a new bus camera 130 or 180 as quick as a flash.
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