With different designs, sizes and pick-up angles, there is a Siedle camera to address every requirement. If required, external cameras can be combined as a system addition.
Camera 130
The greater pick-up range is just one of its highlights. Another superb feature of the camera 130 is its natural colour reproduction and excellent night vision – even in complete darkness (true day/night). It offers extreme temperature stability and is suitable for continuous duty. This combination makes it unique among its competitors. Within the Siedle range, the camera 130 is a great choice for the vast majority of applications.

Horizontal/vertical pick-up range: appr. 130°/100°.
> True day/night
Camera 180
The camera 180 affords a complete overview and even greater planning freedom. It encompasses almost the entire range in front of and next to the entrance and impresses with brilliant, true-to-life colour rendering. This is made possible by a blocking filter which filters out the infrared component of the spectrum. Camera 180 offers good night vision, but requires an additional light source. The customary entrance lighting is generally sufficient for this. Camera 180 is extremely temperature stable and therefore also suitable for continuous duty.

Horizontal/vertical pick-up range: appr. 165°/135°

External camera – CE 600
External cameras are used wherever an additional pick-up angle needs to be covered, for instance at side entrances. Siedle offers two models with natural colour rendering and excellent night vision (true day/night) and integrated motion detection. The differences lie primarily in the different focal length of the infrared lighting. With 2.8 to 10 mm, the CE 600 camera has a lower focal length and is ideally suited for monitoring distances of up to 10 metres.

Horizontal pick-up range: appr. 79°–26°, depending on the focal length setting.
> True day/night
External camera – CE 950
The external camera CE 950 is the flagship model among the external cameras. With a focal length of 3.8 to 45.6 mm and a corresponding range of the infrared lighting, it is the ideal choice for distances of up to 55 metres. Its strengths include not just true day/night vision, integrated motion detection, autofocus and mechanical sunlight protection. The focus and the 12x optical zoom come with motorized adjustment, the digital zoom comes with 32x magnification.

Horizontal pick-up range: appr. 45.6°–4.0°, depending on the focal length setting.
> True day/night
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