Free scope for planning
The greater the area a camera is able to pick up, the more flexibly it can be positioned. This simplifies barrier-free planning, as the extended pick-up angle also reveals wheelchair users and small children.
Everything in view: Camera 180
A camera which is capable of seeing more facilitates planning. Thanks to its larger pick-up angle, often one camera will be sufficient where two might have been necessary before.

The picture on the left shows a typical entrance situation. The visitors actuate the door call and then walk over the steps to the front door. The field of vision of a conventional camera would have long since lost the visitor from view, while the camera 180 keeps them in its sights.
For every eventuality: The camera 130
In standard mounting situations, the camera 130 is the option of choice. The wide pick-up angle makes for a far simpler planning process. Depending on the situation of the building, the camera can be flexibly positioned and has the entrance area well in its sights.
Barrier-free design
Video cameras are normally integrated at a height of around 160 cm. This allows them to capture the vast majority of visitors standing in front of the door. However, when small children or wheelchair users come to call, conventional video cameras reach the limits of their capability, and visitors are not or only partially seen. Here, a pick-up angle of at least 100° on the vertical is recommended, and this is provided by the camera 130. The camera 180 actually covers a range of 135°.

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