There was one aim at the top of the list during the development of Basic: To cut the amount of work entailed for the installer.

The result is something we can justly be proud of: Surface mounting is not only extremely simple but also quickly completed in two smart steps. This is made possible by several possibilities for fixture and mounting without the need for tools.
Siedle Basic automatically establishes the electrical contact during installation, commissioning takes place automatically with Plug+Play. The design of the device and its parts is highly solid, and permits both repairs and exchange.

What the specialist has to say about the new indoor stations:
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1. Pre-assembly
Mount the base plate, wire the cable. All flush-mounting boxes up to 70 mm are covered over – without an additional frame. The upper section with the electronics remains protected.
2. Final assembly
Clip on without the need for tools, the electrical contact is automatically established. This can also be carried out by untrained employees in a single work process.
3. Done
Thanks to Plug+Play technology, programming takes care of itself.

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