Siedle Vario
Siedle Vario is the epitome of the modular system, offering practically unlimited scope for variation and combination. There is practically no conceivable entrance application which cannot be implemented with Vario.
Configuration examples
Siedle Vario can be designed to address wide-ranging different circumstances on site and individual tastes. Whether you prefer to arrange the modules side by side or one above the other: The contours are in perfect alignment, the proportions are always right.
Larger applications can be simply implemented by the in-row mounting of function modules. A call button module can encompass one, two, three or four call buttons. Operation is facilitated by raised, back-lit symbols.
The nameplates, info module, and bell and light button symbols are backlit. To ensure that the light switch can be quickly and easily located, it is additionally lit from above. White LEDs ensure minimal energy consumption and a standardized light colour.
Design line Siedle Vario
The Vario colours
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