Siedle Classic
Siedle Classic is the contemporary interpretation of the classic door station: a front panel made of metal with a loudspeaker grille and keys with state-of-the-art design, technology, material and finish. The metal panels of Siedle Classic consist of solid stainless steel, aluminium or brass with a thickness of two millimetres.
Behind the elegant surface, ultra-modern Siedle communication technology is at work. The buttons are backlit by durable, energy saving LEDs, their nameplates can be exchanged from the front without dismantling the unit.
As standard, the audio door station is 170 millimetres wide and is able to accommodate eight buttons. The fixed grid dimensions can be increased as a non-standard version.
A special version was developed to replace the popular and widespread series TL 111 Siedle door loudspeaker. When exchanging, the existing flush-mount housing and cables can continue to be used, making child's play of modernization projects.

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Siedle Classic design line
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