The Vario system offers three possibilities of integrating orientation and information in a single system: The backlit info module, the larger info signs and the inscription of panels and dummy modules. To ensure a sensible combination of information and lighting, we recommend the surface area lights and the LED spotlight.
The information module from the Siedle Vario modular range can be either permanently backlit or be activated by a photoelectric lighting controller to light up only in darkness.
Dummy modules and panels are turned into information carriers with the aid of screen printing or foil inscriptions.

Surface-mounted door station with LED spotlight; Colour: High gloss white
Info signs are available in a wide variety of widths and heights. They can be integrated into a Vario system or in a dedicated mounting frame.
As information and orientation systems only fulfil their purpose if easily recognizable, combination with a light source provides an optimum solution.
The LED surface area light is supplied as standard with an inscribable info sign which simultaneously acts as its fastener.
The info sign and surface area light are available up to a width of 120 centimetres.

Flush mounted door station with code lock and letterbox, colour: High gloss white
Siedle Vario surface area lights
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