Gaining ground: Door loudspeaker Plus
For intercom systems in noisy environments, Siedle offers a particularly powerful loudspeaker with optimised electronics: this ensures excellent audio and speech quality, even under adverse conditions.
The audio amplifier increases the volume by 7 to 8 dB, which corresponds to double the sound pressure compared to the (above-average) Siedle standard. Speech retains its natural sound and has a clear and strong presence. The loudspeaker is highly effective at filtering out unwanted background noises.

The door loudspeaker Plus extends the range of Siedle system series products and is available for the In-Home bus and Siedle Access – in three design lines: Vario, Classic, and Steel.
As a Siedle system product, the door loudspeaker offers the usual ease of installation. It can also be retrofitted in existing door stations.

The new door loudspeaker Plus also enables a Siedle status display to be integrated in the In-Home bus. This indicates the currently active function visually and acoustically according to DIN 18040.
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