System connection to the intelligent house
Furtwangen, 06/04/2008
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Open interface to door communication

Using a standardized interface, Siedle is providing a simple and secure way of integrating door and in-house communication into systems for building automation. Together with leading system suppliers, the specialist from Furtwangen is demonstrating the different forms that communication can take in the intelligent house.

Intelligent living involves integration and networking. From the building systems engineering via IT networks and communication systems through to entertainment and information media, all these technologies are coming together. Visualization and control panels form the joint interface to the user.

Siedle is contributing to this interplay of the installation worlds with a new standardized interface. It feeds the call, audio, video, switching and control signals for door communication into the house and media control units. The automation system distributes them to control devices inside the house. Users thus have a free choice of whether they communicate with the door via Siedle intercom panels, via the external phone, via operating panels, via the television set or via PC based terminals.

The interface has extended building automation with a few installation steps to include the entire functional range of Siedle systems, from calling, seeing and talking via the lighting and receipt of post to biometric access control. Siedle’s core expertise additionally includes individual styling, a high-quality character and the award-winning design for the communication systems from Furtwangen – all highly rated properties within the target groups for intelligent living.

The Siedle interface is in principle open to every system supplier. However, it first requires manufacturers to work with Siedle in developing and releasing a specific adaptation for their system. Afterwards, the interface can be used by certified system integrators. In many cases it replaces improvised ad hoc solutions by a professional connection, which Siedle then backs up with the expertise, service and warranty commensurate with the market leader. At present the Siedle interface is available for systems by Crestron and AMX.

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A standardized interface integrates Siedle door communication into building automation systems of leading suppliers – pictured are AMX and Crestron.
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