Vitra Design Museum
Siedle supported the Vitra Design Museum’s exhibition “Together! The New Architecture of the Collective” and played an active role in it. A Siedle system is installed in an implied multi-generational house with communal area. This innovative communication concept is a product study, which has been specially developed by Siedle for this purpose. In 2018, the German Design Council presented Siedle with the renowned German Innovation Award for this study.
The demands placed on door communication in new residential forms, such as those put forth in the exhibition, are different to those for single-family and apartment buildings. Communication in the collective home does not simply distinguish between “inside” and “outside”. The entrance develops a hybrid nature and demands a communication concept that deals with the specific needs of communal zones.

Siedle has developed an application with a completely new interface design and innovative range of functions for the exhibition curated by Ilka and Andreas Ruby and EM2N architects. The prototype, high-resolution monitor on the door displays an intuitive user interface, specially designed for the needs of a collective multi-generational house.
The residents’ names and images are shown, like the contacts on a smartphone. Visitors can decide whether to dial a private or communal area – useful for when they only need to make a delivery. The interface visually indicates the current status. And of course barrier-free access has also been incorporated in this multi-generational house: with a button for wheelchair users and a Braille button.

Inside, five video panels with touchscreen displays also feature the new interface. If someone is out or does not wish to be disturbed, the door call can also be taken in the communal area.

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