ARCH+ features 6: ludloff + ludloff
Aesthetics and politics are inextricably linked – a new urban appreciation hinges on the existence of new pictures. Cultural scientist Christa Kamleithner discusses issues surrounding picture policy with Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff and Jens Ludloff (ludloff + ludloff Architekten).
The starting point of the debate was an in-depth look by the Berlin-based architects at issues relating to perception, the sensory quality of constructed spaces, atmospheres and pictures. The architects approach the issue not from the aspect of formal settings but from the perception of the individual – as the starting point for the development of spatial sequences, rooms defined less by their geometry than by light and colour, by haptics and acoustics, the sequence of atmospheres which have been designed with almost scientific meticulousness. Their work makes use of moments of surprise and a new, almost playful slant on accustomed habits – while also drawing on gathered experiences, pictures and associations. This approach gives rise to situations which attract attention and engender a receptive attitude to new possibilities.

Picture: Jens Ludloff and Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff
ludloff + ludloff on the subject of the threshold in their architecture: "Thresholds create order in social relationships and appear to form the antithesis to integration and communication. We deliberately use thresholds to hierarchize and stratify spaces. A subtly ambiguous appreciation of space helps here to circumvent the segregating function of the threshold. Instead, the threshold is experienced as a linking element."
Culture scientist Christa Kamleithner
(photos: David von Becker)
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